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Friday, January 15, 2010

Updated #2...

OK so you are all probably wondering where this infamous "spreadsheet" how-to post is and the answer is...well...half is gone. Apparently when Blizz decided to swing the dreaded 'Nerf-Bat' at Rogues, my computer took some splash damage and quit on me. Seriously...reimaged my computer thanks to some nasty trojans and the only thing I could save from the post is some of the write up, all the excel images of how to play around and add gear, etc, are gone. For some reason Dell can send me a new OS reinstall disc BUT can't send me MS office? What this means for YOU is that I can't do the excel work at home until I find the disc...the good news? Next week is not busy at all for me at work so I plan on filling in the 'missing' pieces by mid-next week and getting that up right away. I suppose the timing is for the best seeing how the spreadsheets have just been updated for the recent nerf. Stay tuned, sorry for the much longer than anticipated delay!

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