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Thursday, December 17, 2009


This is a blog about my experiences with being a level 80 (until Blizz decides to launch Cataclysm) Rogue raiding current end game content and everything in between. Rogues are arguably one of the most under-appreciated classes in the game since we offer virtually no raid-utility other than our currently OP DPS and our tank-friendly Tricks of The Trade (Savage Combat too I suppose if you're Combat spec'd...bah).

The name's Untolld, Mutilate (right now anyway) Rogue extraordinaire of Drenden. I don't pretend to be the best Rogue out there so let's get that outta the way now shall we? What I can promise is that, as much as my schedule allows, I'll be posting tips, guides and walk-through's for current raid, dungeon & PvP content. It is inevitable that some of you out there will challenge, disagree or just flat out rip some of my thoughts, theories or ideas but don't worry, I'm always open to a bit of constructive criticism because hey, that's how we all learn, right? Support is always appreciated too so play nice or face the ban-hammer! (kidding...maybe :)

I'm going to focus mainly on PvE related content as that is currently my main focus but I'll make sure to sprinkle in some PvP nuggets to appease you arena/BG junkies, although I may defer to a PvP'er more experienced than myself for topics like that so you don't have to listen to my whining about getting kited by frost mages or the occasional hunter who actually knows what they are doing...speaking of hunters, anyone else's server completely overrun with them? I digress...

Keep an eye out over the next couple of days (not sure when seeing how its my bday and festivities begin this weekend) for my first guide on how to effectively use the All-Knowing Aldriana's famous Mutilate and Combat spreadsheets.

Happy Stabbing!

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